LivIT Population Health Management (PHM)

LivIT PHM provides tools that empower care coordinators and other healthcare professionals to better manage patients while they are not within a clinical facility. Core features include:

  • A call center, which allows calls from the browser, as well as "Click-to-Call" where two people are connected via Twilio
  • A web-based EMR/EHR system
  • A central place for configuring, and displaying data from, remote monitoring devices
  • Patient data modeled after the Massachusetts Universal Patient Transfer Form, including the ability to annotate on pictures and graphics (such as wound charts)
  • Patient Diagnosis, Prescriptions, Notes, and Problem Lists
  • Location data and maps that display the location of the patient, field staff, and healthcare facilities
  • A scheduling and appointment tool, as well as a calendar system
  • Reminders and alerts via pop-ups, sms, email, or IVR
  • Charts that display device readings over time
  • Easy integration with other services via LivIT's APIs
  • A risk scoring tool based off of the '8 Ps' Risk Assessment Tool (customizable risk assessment tools coming soon)
  • Surveys, to engage the patient and gauge social and psychological patient risks

We are planning on offering LivIT PHM as both a cloud/hosted solution as well as a supported Open Source Software stack that can be hosted anywhere our clients choose.