Remote Monitoring & Population Health Solutions for Managed Care Companies

The United States is in the midst of a healthcare transformation that aims to provide better care for more people, for less money – Managed Care is a vital component of this shift. LivIT is a suite of tools aimed at helping Managed Care entities empower and manage their distributed care teams.

Scale your care capabilities

Easily manage cohorts of patients with a population dashboard that visualizes patient data so that health practitioners can monitor and respond to multiple patients with the attention and detail of information normally reserved for private one-on-one care.

Remotely monitor your riskiest patients

Monitor the riskiest members of a population to receive just-in-time health data and custom alerts to help you ensure that a preventable health situation doesn’t lead to an ER visit.

Keep in contact with your population

LivIT PHM includes a patient overview that also acts as a call center that includes capabilities for automated and semi-automated ways to connect to patients. LivIT has forms and surveys that can be used to help gauge the patient’s well being and health risks.

Coordinate & empower distributed/field staff

Schedule staff visits with patients and maintain communication channels between caregivers and patients. Track history of visits and other care appointments while mapping routes for field staff appointments.

Integrate with your existing systems

LivIT is built to integrate with your existing Health IT systems and infrastcture. LivIT has an accessible API and can easily integrate with existing mobile apps, as well as EHR, billing, and prescription managements systems. LivIT works with many off-the-shelf bluetooth or wifi enabled remote monitoring devices. LivIT API docs are coming soon.