LivIT's Achievements at Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia

Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia

Over the course of an intense 50 hours at Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia, LivIT made a ton of progress on developing our business plan, brand identity, and product functionality.  The Startup Weekend coaches helped us refine our ideas for improving the healthcare industry, allowing us to turn them into workable business plan.  The energy of the competition at Startup Weekend was infectious, pushing our designers and developers to expand our feature set and make it look awesome.  We're excited to announce the following achievements:

We're Unveiling Our Logo

It’s sporting a design that features green, red, and blue—colors indicative of traditional monitoring and alert system. We think it looks pretty sharp and ties into the services that LivIT supports.


FitBit Integration

We're sending patient measurements from a FitBit scale to our medical monitoring system, in real time.  This allows medical providers to track fluctuations in patient body weight over time. We're also able to send and receive blood pressure monitoring data, glucometer data, and more. This integration is to show that LivIT works with remote bluetooth & wi-fi devices, as well as any system with an API.



Nearby pharmacies, hospitals and other relevant locations are viewable in relation to patient location on dynamic maps, utilizing open source mapping with open layers (


Walgreens Rx API

The Walgreens prescription refill API was released earlier this month, allowing LivIT to provide links to refill prescriptions.


Scheduling / Calendaring

Practitioners can keep track of appointments, patient health incidents, and prescription refills with a powerful calendar system built on Drupal’s FullCalendar module (


Measurement Reporting

Highcharts ECG monitor

Beautiful, dynamic charts are now available in our monitoring interface, leveraging Highcharts API for Drupal.  Patient data is viewable in our interactive charts in real time.


Expanded Patient Bio

We modeled our patient bio form after the Massachusetts Universal Patient Transfer Form, which makes it easy for medical practitioners to read and understand patient data.  This also makes the data relevant across institutions, allowing the patients to move between providers with less complication.


Improved Layout and Design

We re-tooled the design of our interface, making it clean, fresh, and easy to use.

Business Model

We’ve taken our big ideas for improving healthcare and fleshed them out into an executable business plan.   We came in with a knowledge of the problems that we’re hoping to solve, and we’re leaving with a better idea of our unique value propositions, sales channels, and potential revenue streams.  We’re ready to revolutionize the healthcare industry!


Slides from our 5-minute pitch at the end of Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia are available right here: