Care Coordination

Central to remote population management is the visualization of patients' critical health information. LivIT offers an array of data at the fingertips of caregivers by displaying personalized health statuses and treatment plans via dashboards that are intuitive and available on-the-go.  Including a history of readings and trends, intelligent alerts that provide actionable information to users and multiple paths of communication, LivIT empowers care coordinators to act swiftly and decisively with the most up to date patient data. To learn more about how LivIT can improve your care coordination needs please contact us.


Reduce Readmissions

LivIT empowers patients to manage their personal health statistics in an effort to reduce readmissions and have a greater understanding of the particular impact of their health condition. As a tool that medical practitioners can leverage to clearly communicate instructions and best practices needed for optimum post-acute care, LivIT aims to raise the level of satisfaction for both patients and healthcare providers by facilitating the monitoring and early detection of issues before they result in readmissions or serious health risks.